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Garden Semi-Update

This is a semi-update because a lot got done today, but all for naught.  I intended to start more seedlings today with new soil because my first seedlings were overrun with mold.  I had reused soil from last year – apparently it wasn’t sterile.  So I took the kids to Home Depot, bought some begonias for my daughter’s garden, a bag of what I thought was organic potting soil, and two transplants (a tomato and a bell pepper) for good luck.


Turns out I grabbed some very much not organic garden soil – which I figured out after I’d already started 18 seedlings.  This time I was using toilet paper rolls as starter pots, and as I was labeling them, my eyes traveled back to the bag I had just finished scooping out of to notice this admonition: Use Gloves When Handling Soil.  Yikes!  Why would that be?  Because the soil was saturated with a bunch of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK).  And of course I was using my bare hands to set those seeds in the soil.  Yay.


So what have I learned about gardening so far?


1.  Use sterile soil when starting seeds, or else you get mold.


2.  Leave the 15-month old at home when buying things that are stacked next to really scary chemical-filled things.


I do have one happy piece of news: three (out of five) of the bare-root raspberry bushes I planted have started growing!




They were sticks when I planted them, now they have leaves.  Let’s just hope they actually fruit at some point.


Beginning the Spring Garden

Most of my garden-savvy friends have already started their spring gardens, but I’ve only just started seedlings the last week or so.  I’m doing well this year to have even started seedlings before the last frost date, though, which is in line with my 2009 gardening goals.  So this is how exciting everything looks so far:




That tray has four sets each of green bell peppers, red bell peppers, Marconi sweet peppers, Roma tomatoes, eggplant, sweet basil, sage, and something else that I can’t remember because I lost the diagram.  Cayenne pepper, maybe?  I’m sure I’ll figure it out when/if it decides to grow.


There are still many seeds to start, and some will be direct-seeded when the days are consistently warmer.  These are some of the seeds I still have laying around:


Zucchini (2 varieties)

Lettuce (Lolla Rossa and a mix)

Cucumber (one variety for eating, the other for pickling)

Golden California Wonder Bell Pepper



Various beans, peppers, tomatoes, and herbs


I also planted five bare-root raspberry bushes, but I’m not sure if the conditions are just right.  They’re supposed to be in well-drained soil, so I put them in raised mounds at the highest point on my property.  If one survives, I’ll be happy!


I’ve chosen these particular fruits and vegetables because they can be pricey when buying the organic versions.  I’m also hoping to can lots of tomatoey things so I don’t have to buy them in cans lined with BPA.  Most of all, it’s exciting to eat food that was grown a few steps away from my house. 


Hopefully I’ll have some seedling pictures to share soon.  What are you planting this year?