Just a quick update…

So…how is everyone doing?


After battling a sinus infection for weeks, then trying to get caught up on the work I actually get paid to do for the last week, I think I’m finally caught up.  There’s still plenty to do, but at least I’m not behind!


Subsequently, there hasn’t been much of interest going on in the kitchen for the last week.  I did receive my kombucha SCOBY a little over a week ago from Cultures for Health, though, and it’s coming along quite nicely.  It’s already made two babies!  It’s been fermenting for about 10 days and is still a little too sweet for my tastes, but it should be ready soon.


I’ve also been avoiding the internet so I have some time to practice bass guitar, since a good friend is giving me lessons.  I’ve taken drum and guitar lessons in the past (and I played clarinet in middle school), but I just can’t seem to stick with an instrument.  As much as I like music, I really suck at learning to play it.  If I can get past the sore fingers, though, I think I’ll really enjoy bass.  And my guitar lessons are starting to come back to me, so maybe I can attempt that again soon.  My husband’s electric guitar has been collecting dust the whole time we’ve been married!


Earlier this evening, I planted some seedlings I got from a fellow gardener at church – six bell peppers, four jalapenos, and four banana peppers.  At first I was hopeful because I found some earthworms in the soil – then I found what I thought were maggots (eew!!!), but it turns out they were grubs.  So I trekked out to Home Depot to buy some diatomaceous earth.  Hopefully that won’t also kill the earthworms?


What have y’all been up to?


3 responses to “Just a quick update…

  1. I am doing well. Monica and her bf are coming over later for Cinco de Mayo feast! Jordan has been walking around singing “Cinco de Mayo is holiday time in Mexico.” Did you have to sing that in elementary school? I never did but he said that’s where he got it from.

  2. Nice! Fantastic that kombucha’s going so nicely.It sounds super healthy. Mine just made a nice fat baby and I need to give it away.

  3. Welcome back =) Missed you!

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