Menu Plan: Week of April 27

This last week the weather completely changed – instead of having the heater on standby, it’s now the air conditioner.  Temperatures are only in the high 70s, but I’m already dying!  The farmers market starts next week, though, so I should be able to convert our meals to spring mode – not only vegetable-wise, but less oven use, as well.  For now, though, it’s the same stuff:


Pot roast, braised carrots and potatoes, salad

Soup – pasta fagioli or white chili

Chard and onion frittatas, sweet potato fries

Tacos, refried pinto beans, rice

Pizza, salad

Sausage, potato and apple skillet dinner

Hamburgers, oven fries


I’m hoping to get some eggplant, beans, cucumbers, and more tomatoes and peppers planted.  Maybe even some melons.  We love cantaloupe and honeydew in summer!  So here’s hoping…


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