Menu Plan: Week of April 13, 2009

In that particular is contained the universal. – James Joyce, on writing about Dublin.


I’m beginning to wonder why I post my menu plans every week – they’re an important part of my home management, but I’m not so sure they make great reading.  Most of what we eat isn’t terribly exciting, unless (like me) you find beauty in things simple and quotidian.  Too much of the same is boring, though, and it keeps me accountable to tell the internet this bit of business.  So for now, the menu plans continue.  This week is full of chicken…


Roast chicken, baked sweet potatoes, green beans

Sesame Ginger Chicken, rice

Turkey pumpkin chili (yes, I still have pumpkin!!)

Beef or bean tacos, refried pinto beans, Mexi-millet (or quinoa)

Sausage and bean soup, cornbread

Mediterranean chicken, salad or wilted greens

Hamburgers with sweet potato fries


Really, I’m not trying to compare myself to Joyce – my menu plans are not the Rosetta stone to unlocking all of humanity’s secrets.  What we are eating does, however, make a statement about who we are and what we value.  Which means I’m probably going to turn into a hamburger or sweet potato fry anytime now…






2 responses to “Menu Plan: Week of April 13, 2009

  1. Is not “Whole Foods” like the BEST market on the planet! We only have few of them here where I live, but golly they are good!

    Thanks for the recipes.

  2. keep ’em coming.

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