I have some amazing friends.  My oldest friends are living all over the world, and I’ve been blessed to make some new friends in my not-so-new-anymore Georgia home.


Awhile back, I mentioned some books I got from my friend Heidi (via an Amazon gift card) in western New York.  I probably should have also mentioned that Tricia – my longest-running and best friend ever – sent me a copy of Nourishing Traditions for Christmas.  Such a great gift, since I’d only ever read it at the bookstore!  Now I can try out the recipes.


Last week, I got this chocolate bar in the mail from Carizza:




Do you see that?  It’s over a pound of dark chocolate.  How incredibly indulgent is that?  It won’t survive in my house for more than a month past lent, I’m sure.  J


Yesterday, I got this package from my friend Faith – she’s living in Grenada while her husband attends medical school:




I’m eager to try the nutmeg jelly and the bay leaf soap, but the vanilla, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and hot chocolate will all be put to good use, too.  I was actually running low on vanilla, so I’ll use my Grenada vanilla before I try making it this way.  That 71% dark chocolate won’t survive too long after lent, either, I’m sure!


One of Husband’s students bought this for me:




So I guess word gets around that I love dark chocolate.  He must’ve told one of his classes that I’ve been known to eat baking chocolate!


My friend JW brought over these beautiful tulips from her yard last night.  Husband was just upset that there weren’t five of them.  (If you get that joke, then hooray!)




Which makes me feel bad that I didn’t take pictures of the birthday flowers I got from CF or the St. John’s Wort I got from Sarah.  But the birthday flowers and St. John’s Wort were very nice, too.


And Husband brought this pin home to me after class last night:




I can’t remember exactly where he got it, but that’s a pin commemorating 100 years since Eudora Welty’s birth.  She’s one of the few twentieth century American writers I like.  Husband is taking a Faulkner class (sounds like torture to me!) as part of his Masters degree, and apparently Faulkner scholars tend to marry Welty scholars.  Or so is the case with two of his lecturers.


The Whole Foods gift card I received for my birthday from my dad and Stephanie is already used up.  In addition to the usual grocery items, I bought some fun things like kombucha and coconut milk yogurt.  Mmm!


I’m sure I’m forgetting other gifts, but I really treasure the thought that went into these things.  More important than the gifts is knowing that I have such a supportive network of friends and family.  I love you all so much!

5 responses to “Giftyness

  1. You are one lucky person!


  2. Next you need a new new camera! 😉

  3. Good to know the gift card was a good idea. You got some cool stuff…I know you can find some delicious to make, and then post it! How is everything going? Things are good here. Take care!

  4. You’re an amazing friend! I still think about you every time I pump milk. Not in a weird way…oh nevermind. Glad you liked the stuff. I got the Tulip joke!

  5. i did not get the tulip joke. maybe its just late, probably i just suck. love you.

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