Menu Plan

For the past few weeks I’ve been really bad about sticking to the menu plan, so the same stuff keeps showing up.  If you see something on here that I mentioned sometime in the last few weeks, it’s probably because I didn’t get around to making it.  My trip to the Dekalb Farmers Market yesterday with a friend probably won’t help that any, though, since we bought lots of fun new stuff!  So here’s this week’s menu, with some repeats:


Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, braised fennel

Lubia Polo (with substitutions)

Sesame ginger chicken and rice

Black-eyed pea soup

Carnitas, refried pinto beans, Mexi-millet

Hamburgers with sweet potato fries

Adzuki bean soup


I have the feeling that this week is going to get changed up a bit as it goes, but that’s okay.  Whatever happens, I’ll try to post some recipes anyway.


For more menu plans, go here.

4 responses to “Menu Plan

  1. That’s an excellent point about Kosher (the meat/dairy divide) that you point out…

    Also, I like your new pic 🙂


  2. Lubia Polo! Awesome!

  3. The above comment is mine. I accidentally posted it as my wife, then I logged out without changing it. Whoops.

  4. Sounds like a yummy week you’ve planned; especially the Lubia Pollo!


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