Seasoning Salt

What a crazy week!  Monday through Wednesday is always a roller coaster, but this week it spilled into Thursday.  At least we’re only about ten weeks away from Husband’s summer vacation.


The kitchen fun, however, never stops.  Never.  In addition to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I’m working on growing a kombucha SCOBY using this method.  (Not much to look at right now — it’s wrapped up in that jar next to the stove.)




And I made a batch of these low-carb egg, bacon, and cheese coconut flour muffins.  What a great grain-free discovery!  They definitely do not taste gluten-free.




For the kids, I made this granola, swapping muscovado sugar for the brown sugar.  Thanks for telling me about this awesome recipe, CF!  There’s no picture because it disappeared before I could get the camera.


Now for a recipe I’ve been meaning to post for awhile – seasoning salt.  I have only ever used seasoning salt for one thing – potatoes – but it is quite essential when I make fries or hash browns, which seems to happen almost every day (usually at breakfast).  The commercial versions have a variety of unsavory elements – MSG, refined sugar, “natural” and artificial flavors and colors, and fillers.  It is super easy, though, to make your own version that is inexpensive and tailored to your tastes.  The recipe below works well for us, but you may want to play around with it until it is just right for you.


Seasoning Salt


3 tbsp sea salt

1 tbsp paprika

1 tbsp oregano

1 tbsp onion powder (make sure it’s pure onion, no additives)

¼ tsp ground sage

¼ tsp ground mustard

Dash of achiote powder


Combine all the ingredients and store in a spice jar.  Yep, that’s it.  Is that too easy to be a recipe?  Maybe, but it had to be shared.  If you have a combination you like better, let me know about it!  A lot of people add a sweetener, for instance, but one time I forgot and it still tasted fine. 




This is the only spice combination I throw together to keep on hand; everything else I like to do as a dish is being prepared.  Do you have a spice combination you like to prepare at home?

Part of the Grocery Cart Challenge Recipe Swap and the Scrumptious Sunday Recipe Swap.


7 responses to “Seasoning Salt

  1. This post has opened my eyes. You have some great links but I have to admit the funky SCOBY at the top made me gag. But I’m so curious now. Off to research.

  2. Love the recipe for the seasoning salt! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mmm….lots of good information here…not too much to add or input to give, but information appreciated…


  4. what the heck is achiote? sounds mexican. That looks like some good seasoning salt- I’m ditchin my Janes crazy salt when this last bottle is gone! I prepare all kinds of weird stuff- but you know that already….you should try you some pimenton de la vera in your taters sometime- fry the paprika in the oil first for a few secs- that releases the bitterness, then add taters…smoky goodness!!

  5. that looks like some good season salt. what is achoite? sounds mexican or something. I am gonna try this and ditch my Jane’s crazy salt when the last bit is gone. I love me ssome taters too- You need to try some smoked paprika in them sometime- fry it in oil first then add the taters- smoky goodness….

  6. okay, my third attemp at writing a comment and trying to get it to post. it willl be shot and sweet cause I am frusrated at wordpress who always loses my comments in the internet abyss, that looks like some good season salt there- I will try it if I ever fig out what achoite is.

  7. Seasoning salt! Hooray! I can have good homefries again. Thanks so much.

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