Electronics Recycling at Best Buy

I tend toward skepticism when big business tries to wave the green flag, but electronics retailer Best Buy offers free recycling on a variety of items.  There are a few items (small televisions, computer monitors) they charge $10 to recycle, but they offset that with a $10 gift card.  It’s clearly a way to get people to come in and buy stuff, but it doesn’t seem so bad since recycling is part of the deal!


More details here.


P.S. Does anyone know how to check up on their accountability – like do they really recycle this stuff, and how?

3 responses to “Electronics Recycling at Best Buy

  1. My first thought was to test them on Scryve so I did:


    They got a 7 which is not bad, unfortunately though not too much specific information…


  2. hmm, sounds good! it’s great that these businesses are trying to go “green,” whatever their real motive may be.
    I’ve always been really mindful about recycling, and was appalled at the recycling situation here in singapore. they still mostly use styrofoam containers, and rarely recycle plastics and paper and such!

  3. I have no idea. But I read an article in National Geographic about ths place in Africa where all the world’s electronics end up- i’s this big polutted stank river and there are all these little kids running around with cancer from the chemicals. It’s just awful. Someone needs to recycle this stuff!!! Come by my blog, I got a free vanilla bean giveaway! and I want you to do a guest post if your intrested when I get my allergy series going. (April or May??) Let me know if you’d like to. See ya!

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