Menu Plan: Week of March 15, 2009

This is a big week for Husband: his Masters portfolio is due, and he has to defend it on Wednesday.  So we’re having a lot of his comfort foods on the days he’ll be home.  I’m also backlogged on recipes I need to post, so I’ll get some of those up this week.  One of these days I’ll get completely caught up!


Here’s what we’ll be having for dinner:


Meatloaf, baked beans, seasonal vegetable (haven’t gone shopping yet)

Veggie omelettes or frittatas (cheese optional), fruit

Mediterranean Chicken

Chili verde, pinto beans, Mexi-millet or rice

Hamburgers and sweet potato fries

Pasta fagioli


We’re having pasta fagioli again at my daughter’s request.  Because there wasn’t enough leftover from the last batch for her to have it for lunch, she’s begging me to make it again.  This works for me since I’ll be able to use up our orzo – the last of our wheat-based pasta!


See more menu plans here.

4 responses to “Menu Plan: Week of March 15, 2009

  1. mexi-millet? sounds really interesting! wow, your daughter likes pasta fagioli? she likes healthy stuff!

  2. Mexi-millet is really just toasted and cooked millet with sea salt and salsa thrown in. It’s good, though! And yeah, she’s a pretty healthy eater — she’s allergic to dairy, so she’ll eat whatever is given to her!

  3. I had sweet potato fries last night and today. I thought of you =)

  4. thanks, I linked to your blog in my first MPM post.

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