Duck Eggs!

Earlier this week, the grandfather of a little girl I babysit told me he sells his chicken eggs for $1.50/dozen.  The chickens are allowed to range freely on his property (yay!), but he supplements their foraging with corn (argh, I knew there had to be a catch!).  He also mentioned that he has duck eggs, which I’ve never used before but sounded like a fun challenge.  So today he brought ov er a gift of four duck eggs for me to experiment with!


My first inclination was to make aioli, but then he told me the eggs have a sweetness to them and that he likes them in custard.  Good thing he mentioned that, since I wasn’t looking to make garlicky Miracle Whip.  The only time I’ve ever had duck eggs was in the Philippines as balut, so please don’t hate if you actually know what this is.  I tried it once because I’ll try just about any food once.


Have you ever used duck eggs?  I’ve got some ideas, but I’m open to suggestions!


3 responses to “Duck Eggs!

  1. Ewww! You ate balut! I learned about that in my food history class last year. I forgive you, but still…ew!

    However, the food scientist in me wants to know if you drank beer with it, and if so did it bring out the flavor

    Ew 🙂


  2. check out the good old martha stewart- she would know what to do with duck eggs- I think they’re suppossed to be better for you too.

  3. I feel like I should have some amazing recipe since I’m Filipino..but..I got nothin..

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