Menu Plan Monday: March 9, 2009

I inventoried my pantry and freezer this weekend, and sure enough, I can get by with very little grocery shopping this week.  I’ve been making a weekly trek (almost 30 minutes) to Whole Foods, which is not the best use of my time or money, so I’m trying to only go twice during the month of March.  If I can do it, then I will try going only once per month from then on (unless I’m in the area for something else, of course).  Farmers’ market season is almost here, so that should be doable at least through September.


So here’s what we’ll be eating this week:


Chicken fajitas, refried pinto beans, Mexi-millet

DIY pizza (with homemade dough)

White chili

Pasta fagioli (using up the last of my wheat pasta)

Sausage, potato, and apple skillet meal

Buckwheat pancakes, bacon, some kind of fruit side

Hamburgers with sweet potato fries


Have you noticed that hamburgers have been on the menu every single week for months now?  It probably seems like overkill, but it has kept us from going out to eat because we’re “craving a burger.”  And we’re not the least bit sick of it!  It can also be done gluten-free by substituting lettuce for the bun (like a wrap), which is great for me in my gluten-free journey.  Our favorite hamburger place in California called this protein-style.


And while we’re discussing gluten-free, does anyone have a good gluten-free pizza dough recipe?


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5 responses to “Menu Plan Monday: March 9, 2009

  1. I’ve been craving a good burger myself. hey, you can never get sick of burgers, esp since there are so many different variations you can go with it!
    buckwheat pancakes! can’t wait to see that!

  2. Hey! I was working on the same thing. We did the whole foods run twice a month but now that we’re getting milk from the milkman I want to cut that back to maybe every three weeks and then maybe 1 x month- and start looking for farmer’s markets. i made sourdough pancakes yesterday- I fed my starter with buckwheat and it Loved it! They were nice….and for BF this morning we had cream o buckwheat..yum!

  3. Sounds fabo


  4. your menu looks wonderful! Is there a recipe for the sausage,potato and apple skillet meal or is it a frozen because that sounds delish!

  5. I’ll post the recipe for the skillet meal later this week — it’s a simple recipe I got from one of my husband’s students (he’s a high school teacher). Apparently all my husband and I talk about is food, and this student wanted to share the recipe for her favorite dinner her mom makes for her. We have to agree — it’s a great recipe!

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