Short Rib Soup/Stew

This boiled dinner is best made ahead of time.  Short ribs are an inexpensive, fatty cut of meat that can really be stretched.  In addition to the soup, you get some great marrowy bones and a bunch of fat that can be rendered for later cooking. 


Bones on the left; solidified fat on the right

Bones on the left; solidified fat on the right




Not that I’ve ever done the rendering before, but I’ve been doing some research on how to do it, so I think I have the confidence to try it out next week!


Short Rib Soup/Stew


2 lbs. short ribs with bones

2 tbsp. rice vinegar

1 tsp. ground anise

2 potatoes

3 carrots

1 onion

3 cloves garlic

Salt and pepper to taste

Water to cover (more water = soup, less = stew)


1. Put all the ingredients into a large pot with enough water to cover (more if you want it even brothier – I did).  Bring to a boil, then drop to a simmer (I used my lowest gas setting) and cook covered for several hours.


2. When done, remove short ribs and chop them up into bite-sized pieces.  The bones should easily slide out if they haven’t already come out into the soup.  The chopped meat goes back into the soup.


The soup can be eaten at this point, but the fatty mouthfeel is a bit odd.  So let it sit until it reaches room temperature, then store in the refrigerator until the fat solidifies at the top.  Skim the larger fat pieces, reheat, and serve.


I think I need a camera with a macro setting.

I think I need a camera with a macro setting.


For more nourishing, frugal recipes, visit The Nourishing Gourmet.  I also submitted this to the Grocery Cart Challenge Recipe Swap.



4 responses to “Short Rib Soup/Stew

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  2. Scott and I were at a sandwich shop the other day, and they served us baked beet and sweet potato chips…have you heard of them…or do you know where we can get some?

  3. this sounds sort of korean!

  4. I wanted it to be a bit different than your typical American beef stew, and I know short rib is used in Asian cuisines, so I was definitely going for a bit of an Asian feel. I could’ve done a lot more, probably, but it had a good flavor anyway!

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