Weekly Menu Plan + What Should I Do With The Turkey?

Is it obvious that I haven’t finished this week’s meal planning?  If you have an idea for the turkey, let me know.  It has to be dairy- and soy-free, of course.  And preferably gluten-free, but I don’t want to be too demanding.

         Hamburgers with sweet potato fries

         Red beans and rice

         DIY pizzas

         Braised short ribs, millet pilaf, seasonal vegetable

         Split pea soup

         Soaked buckwheat pancakes, bacon, blueberries (the last of the ones I picked last summer! Single tear…)

         Something involving the last of the turkey that’s been in my freezer since Thanksgiving

I’m hoping to go into more detail later on the red beans and rice, short ribs, and pancakes, but it might not happen right away.  And I’m serious about the turkey recipe – I’ve got way too much of it to just throw it into a soup.  I also really don’t like turkey very much, so it needs to be veiled in some way.  If I have any more demands, I’ll let you know…

5 responses to “Weekly Menu Plan + What Should I Do With The Turkey?

  1. Have you thought about making enchiladas with the turkey. . . my Mom used to do that sometimes. . .and using corn tortillas would easily make them gluten free. . .

  2. That’s a great suggestion! I have about two servings worth, so I’m thinking of using the other serving for the Turkey Pumpkin Chili I didn’t get to last week. But enchiladas are totally up my alley!

  3. Mmmm…your menu looks good. We really like sweet potato fries at our house!

  4. I love making turkey gumbo – google for a recipe. My husband calls it ‘turkey yumbo’! Jo.

  5. What split pea soup recipe are you using?


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