Sprouted Lentils and Other Fancy Stuff

If you didn’t know this already, sprouting is AWESOME.  It’s so easy and so addicting!  This week I tried my hand at lentils:




I used them to make this Curried Sweet Potato Soup.  Since sprouts are pretty tender, I just added them in close to the end.  I also didn’t mash any of it, because I wanted something a bit brothier today.




I also took a picture of my spaghetti, which I always seem to forget to do:




Yeah, it’s just sitting on a mound of cheap grocery store pasta.  I hate pasta, so it makes no difference to me.  Way to love my family!  But really, we only make two dishes that require pasta, so that’s fine.  Avoiding pasta is the one part of going gluten-free that is effortless for me.  Now if I could just get started on a good gluten-free bread recipe…

2 responses to “Sprouted Lentils and Other Fancy Stuff

  1. I love the new look! And I love the soup- WHy didn’t you make this last week when I had an overflowing fridge of sprouted lentils??? hee -hee- I threw them in smoothies and in quick soft tacos and in eggs and on salads. This looks yummy! I agree- Sprouting rocks- I now realize that I need MORE wide mouth masons- between sprouts and kefir and teas we are ruuning out!

  2. I’m doing it! Give me a little while, and keep reminding me…


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