Gross Salmonella Fact

I’ve been bad about posting recipes this week because – as usually happens – my plans got overhauled.  So I’ll have to post them whenever I get around to making them. 


In the meantime, I was doing some research on salmonella and the peanut butter I buy (nothing special – the generic 365 Organic from Whole Foods) to see if it could possibly be affected.  Whole Foods is not taking a stand one way or another (they can’t answer any questions at this time, apparently), but I’ve been eating my jar for awhile with no weirdness, so I’m thinking it’s probably fine.  Other than the usual rancidness that comes with processed peanut products. 🙂


I also did a search for salmonella symptoms and came up with something I’d never heard before.  According to the Mayo Clinic:


If you have intestinal salmonella and you have a healthy immune system, you may not seem ill or show signs or symptoms. However, you may continue to shed the bacteria in your feces and remain contagious for up to a year.


Eeww!!  I think I’ll go take my probiotic supplement now.



2 responses to “Gross Salmonella Fact

  1. hahah! That’s gross. But at least it doesn’t cause any tangible negative side effects like vomiting or fever. 🙂

  2. I am always greateful at the information I learn from your comments. Much appreciated. Speed and grace are things I need to get a little better at while cutting. Unfortunately, my current kitchen situation forces the washer and dryer to be our main countertops…cutting in usually periolous at best.

    I updated my about me tab. Let me know what you think. I feel like you read my blog enough to give constructive input.


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