Black Bean Soup with Chard and Sweet Potatoes



We postponed date night until Friday, so my menu will be a bit off this week.  But it always is. J


I went ahead and made the black bean soup, since I knew the chard and sweet potatoes would get eaten for lunch if I waited too long.  I love the combination of the black beans, chard, and sweet potatoes – something I discovered by accident while combining leftovers – so I continue to plan my menus with this in mind.


These instructions are for a slow cooker, but this could be done on the stove with a dutch oven, as well.


Black Bean Soup with Chard and Sweet Potatoes


1 pound of dried black beans, rinsed and soaked 24 hours

2 quarts chicken bone broth (or enough to come 2 inches above beans)

3 pinches of asafoetida (scroll down through this post to see why)

Salt and pepper to taste

1-2 cups sautéed chard (leftovers – I made extra last night just for this)

1-2 cups roasted sweet potatoes (also leftover from last night)


1.     Place beans, broth, and asafoetida in slow cooker, cooking on high for three hours – or low for 7-8 hours – or until tender. 

2.     When beans are done, add salt and pepper to taste and the leftover chard and sweet potatoes.  Don’t worry about preheating the vegetables before adding to the pot – just stir them in and let them sit with the beans for a few minutes (with slow cooker still on) and they will warm up.


We ate the soup with gluten-free banana muffins. The muffins are based on this recipe, since it was the best one I could find using the Bob’s Red Mill GF All-Purpose Baking Mix and not calling for xanthan gum.  They were light and banana-y.  Much better than I expected, since I’m very new to baking — especially gluten-free baking!  I really wanted to make them with coconut flour, but I only had about a teaspoon of coconut oil and no other suitable substitute (we can’t use butter because of dairy allergies).  Maybe next week!


For more nourishing soups and stews, visit the Nourishing Gourmet.  For more gluten-free ideas, visit the Gluten-Free Real Food carnival at Cheeseslave.

9 responses to “Black Bean Soup with Chard and Sweet Potatoes

  1. Great looking soup!

    And that is such a good idea! Why didn’t I think to practice wine cooking? I mean I want to sample them all of course, but I do have a couple random odds and ends form the wine party yet….



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  3. This looks great! I use asafoetida all the time. I think maybe I need to start adding it to my bean soups- good tip:)Can you believe the news about HFCS! What a bunch of crap.

  4. What does the asafoetida do for the soup. Is it the same as hing powder?

  5. Asafoetida and hing are the same thing — I think hing is what it goes by in India. Asafoetida lends a taste that is kind of oniony/garlicky, but more like leeks. I use it for it’s digestive properties — it’s supposed to help with the gassiness from the beans.

  6. What is chard? photo looks good!

  7. Chard is an awesome green that you cook like spinach. It comes in really pretty colors, too. I’ll make some for you when I visit.

  8. This soup rocks! I made this soup today since I had a bunch of relatives coming over midday. My german father loved it, my brazilian cousins loved it and my husband’s carribean parents loved it as well. I did add some chipotle spiced bacon since both of our families are very carnivorous and serving them a soup without a meat would make them think we were having money troubles or just plain bad hosts 🙂

  9. Kenya,

    That makes me so happy! I love when people try my recipes with great success. Especially because the black beans, chard, and sweet potatoes are one of my favorite combinations!

    I’ll have to try it with the bacon — we are just to poor to do that too often. 🙂

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