Sweet Potatoes Fried in Coconut Oil

I wish I had more in the way of fun recipes I tried this week, but I’ve been steeped in laziness.  I’m still sick, but that’s no excuse!  I’ve avoided going out to eat, though, so that’s good.  So far we’ve had tacos and the buckwheat pancake dinner, and I ate at a friend’s house on Wednesday.  So it’s been very low key.


For lunch today, in an effort to curb my sugar cravings, I fried up some sweet potatoes in coconut oil.  This was also to ingest some lauric acid, which is antimicrobial and is the main fatty acid in coconut oil.  Anyway, this was a shallow fry, as I’m not fond of many things being deep-fried – unless you’re making fish tacos, of course.  Then I want the cod beer-battered and deep-fried.  Speaking of which, I could totally go for three of those right now.  But back to the sweet potato fries…


There’s not much of a recipe here, but let me tell you how I did it.  I made enough to feed myself a large helping and to give a baby and two toddlers a small side helping, so this is about two small sweet potatoes’ worth.  Cut the potato into pieces of equal size (this helps them all cook at the same rate), and put into a medium-sized sauté pan with 3 (or more if you need it) tablespoons of melted coconut oil.  Fry until the pieces become pleasantly brown – not quite to the crispy point, because they crisp up more after you take them out and they cool – then transfer the pieces to a plate with a paper towel on top.  (If you’re more eco-friendly than I am, use a kitchen hand towel!  My main use for paper towels, though, is blotting items that have been fried.)  Blot out as much oil as you can, since an oily mouth feel is NEVER what you’re going for, and they’re ready to eat!




I think the coconut oil is a great complement to the flavor of the sweet potato, but you could add cinnamon and a little of your favorite natural sweetener if you wanted to.  If the sweetness is too much, a little sea salt tastes great, too.  I didn’t add anything extra, and the kids were delighted by the sweetness. 


If you prefer sweet potato fries from the oven, I talk about how I make them in this post.


12 responses to “Sweet Potatoes Fried in Coconut Oil

  1. I love fried and oven fried sweet potatoes. I be they rock in coconut oil. I like to add some cajun season when I do them on the stoe. Yum!

  2. Isn’t coconut oil super high in fat? Bad fat?

  3. YOu might want to give rice bran oil a try. It is super healthy and great for stir frying because the smoke point is so high. It also has more antioxidants and vitamin E than olive oil and is effective in lowering cholesterol.

    I hope you feel better.

  4. VF: Yum! I haven’t tried them with cajun seasoning, but that sounds awesome.

    Cherie: I’ll have to explain over the phone. Or perhaps a separate post is in order for this? We’ll see.

    Ellen: I’ve never tried rice bran oil, but I use rice bran extract in my bread as part of the dough conditioner. I wonder if it also has all the antioxidants and vitamin E? Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. have you experimented with coconut oil much? i have several friends who swear their hair and skin is just amazing when they eat/use it a lot.


  6. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is so healthy… I use it in my oatmeal. I fried up some sweet potatos today… and ended up seeing that you did the same. I agree with you, the coconut oil adds to the flavor of the sweet potato and sea salt… yum.
    Anyway, just wanted to fellowship with a fellow coconut oil user.

  7. Mary,

    I love fellowshipping with other coconut oil lovers! We’re so few and far between. 🙂 I haven’t been able to use it in oatmeal much (I’m sort of trying to go gluten-free), but I love it in millet and quinoa. I’ll have to add some to my daughter’s oatmeal, though…she is highly allergic to dairy and needs all that good fat!

    Thanks for stopping by!

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