Speaking of salads…

If you’re as much of a salad junkie as I am, check out this great LA Times piece on throwing together great salads.  There’s a video that goes with it, but you don’t have to watch it to get all the information.

I like how she mentions that salads don’t necessarily have to be based on greens — you can go the non-traditional route and use fruit, vegetables, pastas, grains, or legumes as a starting point.



One response to “Speaking of salads…

  1. I’m not doing too shabby on the foods to eat list either, although I’ll never be perfect as sardines just aren’t happening. And I do agree about the unaware problem, which I guess is probably at the root of some of the recent laws about nutrition fact posting-something I appreciate and love but which seems to anger a lot of people who just don’t want to know among a whole host of other reasons.

    And salads are amazing. I’m currently working on eating a Greek salad I got from work and it’s absolutely to die for.

    And major props for cutting out caffeine. I go through periods of it, but I’m currently in a consumption phase. I see it ending maybe around Spring Break when I really have time to deal with the headaches and few days crankiness that I always endure 🙂


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