Healthy Food, Fast!

My go-to fast foods are really basic – they’re things I’ve enjoyed for most of my life and never get tired of, and I’m sure they’ll be on other people’s lists, as well.  Still, I’d love to expand my repertoire, so I’ll be looking around for new ideas!



1.     Bean and Cheese Burritos


For a good portion of my life, I ate one of these for lunch or dinner everyday.  I still eat them at least twice a week.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re from Southern California and spent much of your life as a vegetarian!  Of course they can be junk food if made with highly processed ingredients, but they can easily be nourishing when made with a high-quality cheese, properly soaked and home-cooked beans, and a tortilla with a short ingredient list (even better, make your own with sprouted grains – I just haven’t evolved that far yet!). 


I make at least one batch of some kind of bean every week, and we always have cheese and tortillas on hand, so this is a great fast food solution for us.  You can also add rice to the burritos – my dairy-allergic daughter eats them with just beans, rice, and salsa – which is easy to do if you make a large batch of rice once a week to use in other dishes.   That large batch of cooked rice will also come in handy for making a quick pilaf to accompany a meal or for fried rice – a few cups of cooked rice fried with two eggs, a tablespoon of coconut oil, and some sea salt is a simple, delicious, nourishing treat!


2.     Mediterranean Feast

I really heart hummus and tabbouleh, both of which are easy to make in large batches and use later for a quick meal.  I have my own basic hummus recipe, but I’ve been dying to sprout some chickpeas and make this raw hummus.  Or add some flax oil like Ms. Fallon does in Nourishing Traditions.  But I digress. 


As far as the tabbouleh, I have fallen into the rut of using a couscous salad recipe I got from a friend a few years ago.  I make a triple batch, and if I’m lucky, it lasts three days because I’m eating it every chance I get.  Give me some hummus, tabbouleh, some seasonal raw veggies, maybe a tortilla or some freshly baked bread, and I’m in heaven.  No thoughts of going out to eat for me!


3.     Quick Burgers


I’m such a kid at heart, because I could eat a burger every day.  Not that I do, but I think my proclivity toward anemia fuels my red meat cravings.  So here’s an easy solution: buy a few pounds of your favorite grass-fed ground meat, throw it in a bowl, and season it however you like you’re burgers seasoned.  Then form it into patties and freeze them, separating each burger with some wax or parchment paper.  When the craving arises, you can take out however many you need for the meal without having to go through all the above steps.  Of course, it also helps to have some good buns on hand, but I’ve noticed that better quality buns keep well in the freezer.  Better yet, make your own buns – this has been on my to-do list for awhile, and since we’re pretty confident with the bread recipe, this should be a logical extension!


4.     Salad Bar


I love ordering salads when I go out because of the sheer variety – but why not just keep a mental note of my favorite salad arrangements and try it at home?  This seems like a no-brainer, but somehow I’ve only gotten around to this in the last two years.  So I keep a variety of things on hand that will make my salads interesting and add some nutrition to my lettuce – beans, nuts, dried fruit, etc.  Dried cranberries and pecans, or fresh oranges and cashews, are two popular (and so yummy!) combinations.  Sunflower seeds are inexpensive and highly nutritious, so that would be a good option if you’re on a tight budget.  Wait, aren’t we all?


You could also hard boil some eggs to have on hand to add onto a green salad, make into egg salad, or just snack on whole.  Deviled eggs are a wonderful treat, too, but maybe just for me – I can’t live without my eggs!


I wish this list was longer – but at least I’ll get some great ideas from other bloggers.  Be sure to visit Kelly the Kitchen Kop to see what other people are doing when they’re tempted to grab some fast food!  I’ve also listed this at Rocks In My Dryer for Works-For-Me Wednesday, so check that out for some helpful tips!


4 responses to “Healthy Food, Fast!

  1. I love your ideas, and I especially love your tag-line!! 🙂


  2. I love hummus and bean and cheese burritos and salads…your ideas may be basic but they are delish!I think basic is what we need when we need something FAST! I am going to try that raw hummus recipe..thanks

  3. Thanks for the link to the raw hummus! I’ve been making our own hummus for years, but having it raw sounds delish. And, yes, the salad option is also just starting to dawn on me. We keep raisins and sunflower seeds on hand for a quick salad. Then, toss in whatever’s in season like carrots or tomatoes or avocados. I need to do things like hard boil a dozen eggs and keep them on hand, too.

  4. I *heart* bean burritos! Thank you for bringing this up today! I have added several things to my menu plan for next week already!!!


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