“Cooking With Coconut Flour” Giveaway

I really need to get my sick, sinus-infectiony butt into bed, but let me first tell you about Cheeseslave’s awesome giveaway — a copy of Bruce Fife’s Cooking With Coconut Flour!  In case you didn’t know, coconut flour is phytate-free, gluten-free, and low carb.  If any of that appeals to you, then go enter right now!  I’m trying the coconut flour bacon and cheese muffins from this book later this week.

Okay, off to bed…let’s hope I start feeling better soon.


2 responses to ““Cooking With Coconut Flour” Giveaway

  1. Kind of gross, but have you ever done those sinus rinses? With the pot and you pour it in one nostril and everything comes out the other? I was really sick for two week in late December/early January and got pretty desperate and decided to try them. They weren’t a cure, but they made living with sinus issues MUCH more bearable. If I did one before bed I could sleep most of the night, I could sit with people, etc. And the better sleeping I am convinced did help me to get better soon.

    Feel better!


  2. Aw how cute that you blogged about the book giveaway even though you are sick. Now get some rest!!! And that’s an order.

    The neti pot (sinus rinse) thing really does work by the way!

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