Goals 2009: Sustainability

This is the last in my series on New Years Resolutions.  It was so much fun making them, so let’s hope I have as much fun following through with them.  I left sustainability until the end since this is the one that ties a lot of them together.


·        Continue to seek out local food sources to reduce my ecological footprint and enhance my family’s nutrition.


This last year, I’ve discovered that even though I live in a place worlds different from where I grew up (Southern California, born and raised!), I have the benefit of many great local farms.  No more than ten minutes from my house, I can get pastured eggs, pastured chicken, raw honey, raw jersey milk and yogurt, raw goat milk and chevre, and a decent variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs from June to September.  Note to self: remember to talk about local farms when spring harvests get underway!  I have three possible leads for beef, though, which I have yet to pursue (one of them is the family of one of Husband’s students), and a semi-local source for just about every other meat.  They’re even featuring a meat CSA!  It would love to resolve to get all of my meat locally, but for this year I’m just aiming for the chicken and beef.  The chicken part is accomplished, so the goal really involves beef.  And getting a chest freezer.  I think this is manageable!


I also want to grow more of my own food – how’s that for local? J  My 4×4 garden of the last two years is being phased out in favor of two large tracts totaling 300 square feet.  It will all get planted, but then I must (organically) arm myself for the impending pest warfare.  Wish me luck!


·        Reduce plastic consumption.


If you’ve never visited Fake Plastic Fish, then stop reading my resolutions and go over there right now!  I could delineate all the reasons the production and consumption of plastic is toxic to all living things, but she does a way better job.  To do my part, I’m going to try to find one new way every week to cut off ties to plastic.   I will try to detail my progress on this, as well!


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my resolutions.  Let me know if you can commiserate!  And don’t forget to bring your canvas bag with you to the grocery store.

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