Goals 2009: Gardening

This year will be my third year gardening, so I still have a long way to go.  For instance, how does one keep rabbits from eating all the bounty before harvest time?  My poor winter garden (just broccoli and cauliflower) was eaten just as crowns were starting to form.  This was a $15 loss – plus more if you factor in the water – because I bought organically-grown transplants.  (Hey, it’s a lot of money to me!)


My first resolution is to start earlier.  I think I waited until late May last year, which was okay in some respects because we had a very late frost.  This year, I’m going to get on the ball and start some seeds indoors before the last frost date.  I’ve already ordered (and received) some seeds from Peaceful Valley, so I really have no excuse.


Also, I tilled up a large amount of square footage in the early fall and planted a cool-weather cover crop to amend my soil.  Husband would likely be very upset if I didn’t do anything with it!


My second resolution is to learn how to can using a pressure canner.  I’ve never canned anything before, and I haven’t yet acquired the pressure canner, so those are some other details I have to work out.  Luckily, a friend of mine is also looking to can this summer, so we’ll have some exciting, sweaty afternoons together in a humid kitchen while we store food for the winter.  Tomatoes will be the prime target of my canning efforts, but hopefully I’ll get the hang of it quickly so I can preserve a few other things.


I’ll list my complete garden plan as soon as I’ve procured all my seeds (probably a month from now).


What are your gardening plans this year?


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