Reading and Writing Goals in 2009

I’m still not feeling like cooking, or even writing about cooking, because dinner has become such a fiasco lately.  My orange chicken is super easy, but a clingy son and a daughter who is egging on said son make for an extremely irritated mother.  So I’ll share my recipe the next time I make it.


Let’s change the subject and talk about books.  Not bestsellers, but dusty old texts that are sometimes referenced in popular culture but actually only read by a few people during the high school or college years.  Classics.  These are the sorts of books I love, even if I slog through them sometimes.  For the last three years, it’s been hard to find a lot of time to read, and when I do, I end up reading nonfiction about some aspect of food.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I love me some Michael Pollan – but I need to lighten things up a bit.  For me, that means revisiting the Aeneid and reading Don Quixote for the first time.  I realize this is not what most people think of as light reading, but it’s a much-needed departure from the serious issues at hand.   In a year’s time, I’m sure I can squeeze both of those in.


My writing goal – 500 words per day – is not writing for this blog, necessarily, but I’m sure some of it will end up on here.  Every year I try to do NaNoWriMo but fail miserably.  I finally realized that my failure was due to a) not writing on a regular basis (and I called myself a writer!) and b) only sporadically writing more than a few paragraphs at a time.  This should be an easy goal for me, since I currently write at least 300 words per day, so I’m hoping to bump this up sometime in the middle of the year.


What are you reading this year?


6 responses to “Reading and Writing Goals in 2009

  1. I’m trying to get to some classics too. Read Crime & Punishment last year, and loved it. Right now I’m reading a book on Russian cultural history, so I think 2009 is the year to finally read War and Peace. Woohoo!

    — Laura

    • That’s so funny — I almost put War and Peace on my list because I’ve read Dostoevsky but not Tolstoy. Perhaps in the second half of 2009…

  2. ceylanthewriter

    I am reading “The Scarlet Letter” and “The Great Gatsby” for school. I read TSL, I love it, Hawthorne has incredible implications about society and people. Good luck with finding more books to read, I personally love “Frankenstein” and reading random works from Thoureau and Poe.


  3. The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. It’s great so I don’t know why it’s taking me forever to finish it.

    I think I am starting a book club in June. I need ideas. I want to hit the classics first….


    • TULOB — an awesome book! One of the few instances where the movie is great, too — but wait to watch it until you’re done with the book. Daniel Day-Lewis is awesome in it.

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