2009 Goals, In-Depth: Spiritual Life, Parenting, and Personal Finance

I’m forcing myself to delineate my 2009 goals here so the people I know can hold me responsible.  So here’s more on the first three areas…


1.     Spiritual life


I need to find a time of day to read the bible (and do a few other things) without distractions.  I’ve been trying to do this at night before I go to bed, but that’s the problem – I’m too tired from the day to make it worthwhile.  I could wake up early and do this stuff – which is what a lot of productivity resources recommend – but I’m just not very good at doing that, either.  I have to start working (as a mom and as a babysitter) by 7:15am, so I’m lucky to get out of bed by 7.  The kids’ afternoon naptime is the best possibility right now, and if I can aim for just three days a week, this goal might be attainable.


2.     Parenting

I need to get back into structuring the day for the kids, so I will set aside a time (how about one of those afternoons during nap?) to plan out a week’s worth of activities.

3.     Personal finance


This last year was our best fiscal year ever – we are completely without consumer debt, we paid off my student loan, and now we’re just left with Husband’s student loan and the mortgage.  I’m still working, but completely from home, so if we can continue to pay off debt, we can work less.  With that being said, we realize we need to save money toward a minivan (eew, I can’t believe I just wrote that!).  That will be done with:


·        A few extra (occasional) babysitting commitments

·        The tax return

·        Eating out less – meaning once per week or less

·        Putting any overbudgeted money into savings (for instance, I budget $500/month for groceries and gas – if I spend less than that, the difference goes into savings)

This will all be done while maintaining another goal that I forgot to include in my last list – not shopping at Wal Mart.  This may sound contradictory to some of you – saving money and not shopping at the behemoth big box retailer.  But I will discuss this further when I detail my other goals.

Any other suggestions for achieving this set of goals?

2 responses to “2009 Goals, In-Depth: Spiritual Life, Parenting, and Personal Finance

  1. I do my devotion online, through a website that just emails me a daily lesson. It comes with a scripture reading assignment on the side to supplement. I’m not sure if you wanted to just go through the Bible verse by verse or something more of a devotion reading, but there’s lots of websites that do either one for free.

    I figure I spend so much time at my computer, so if the first thing I do when I wake up is head to the internet, I’ll be reminded of my readings, even if I don’t remember on my own.

    Also, I think Don Quixote was the only book I didn’t finish reading for Jolly’s class.

  2. I was thinking of doing an online devotion, but I’ve got this problem where I spend too much time online…and to make matters more complicated, Husband and I decided today to go through a one-year study of Calvin’s Institutes. Yikes! We’re already a day behind, but there’s a make-up day soon, so hopefully we can catch up then. I read through the whole bible a few years ago, and ever since then, it’s hard to get motivated to do something like that again, so maybe a topical study is what I need right now. Or maybe I need to stop creating excuses… 🙂

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