The Biggest Cleaning Day of the Year

Thanks to sickness, the holidays, and procrastination in general, my house looks like a warzone.  So I worked all morning trying to clean the house, and I still didn’t scratch the surface.  For instance: there were two cookie sheets sitting on the counter near the sink, still bearing the remnants of roasted Brussels sprouts and sweet potato fries from Tuesday night’s dinner.  And the casserole dish with mac and cheese stuck to it from the night before.  Oh, and how about the dried egg remnants all over the island?  I will stop there.


I did, however, learn a valuable parenting lesson today: children will entertain themselves all day with a certain kind of manipulation.  While I worked on the kitchen, I kept telling my little girl to pick up her toys so we could do something fun.  But instead of picking up the toys, she would get distracted playing with them.  This worked very well for my ends, namely, the complete scrub-down of the kitchen.  We can get to picking up her toys tomorrow!

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