How To Make A TV Dinner

I don’t normally throw together a bunch of packaged things and call it dinner, but I’m still climbing out of the ditch from last week.  I also totally forgot what I had planned tonight, so this was not on Monday’s menu plan.  Impromptu dinner: chili, cornbread, and sauteed chard.  This is how we did it…


Whole Foods has cans of chili beans (meaning they’re already seasoned) on sale for 37 cents, and I bought some a few weeks ago just because.  I also bought a bag of Trader Joe’s Chard of Many Colors last week, because I knew I didn’t feel like doing a lot of prep work.  So those were my prepared foods.




Husband’s been craving a chili made with beef, so I sauteed a shallot, some bell pepper, and tomatoes in a pot and then browned half a pound of ground beef.  Just add the canned chili beans, and there’s the main dish.  These were all items I just happened to have on hand.


The chard is easy to prepare, even if you don’t buy the washed/cut/bagged variety.  This mixture from Trader Joe’s was really good, though, because it had a few different types of chard and kale.  Just prepare this the same way you would spinach — put a tablespoon (or more, if you prefer) of olive oil in a skillet, throw in some minced garlic once it’s hot, then wilt the chard.  I just dump it all in and use tongs to evenly distribute the hot oil over the leaves.




Isn’t that pretty?  I like to cook it down a bit so it’s not too crunchy, but not so much that it’s like canned spinach.  You can taste test it while it cooks to find the perfect texture for you.  This cooks pretty quickly, so you do have to watch it so it doesn’t get too mushy.


Earlier in the day, I made some cornbread to go with all this.  I always have the cornbread ingredients on hand, and it’s incredibly simple to make. 





One response to “How To Make A TV Dinner

  1. Are those pictures from the new camera? They look decent! No offense to the old camera, may it rest in peace.

    I might be in Georgia (Fort Benning) end of that far from you guys?

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