6 Things That Won’t Get Done Today

1.  Dehydrating half a bushel of apples.

Yes, I’ve already had to throw some of them out, but it’s just not going to happen today.  On top of my recovery, I now have a little girl recovering from a stomach virus.  On her birthday, too!


2.  Roast, puree, and store ten pounds of sweet potatoes.


This will probably get done tomorrow, though.


3.  Make D’s birthday cupcakes.


That’s okay; we’re not having the party today anyway!


4.  Clean the bathrooms.


Hasn’t been done in two weeks.  Yuck.


5.  Clean out the refrigerator.


I’m still finding lots of old food.  Luckily, I catch most of it just before it’s too late, while we’re still able to eat it.  Also, there are the dried remnants of an almond milk spill.


6.  Christmas preparations.


This includes cards, shopping, everything but the decorating.  I really suck in this area.


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