My Health Update, Spared The Gory Details

I just thought I should give a quick update about this last week of pain, since I think I’m FINALLY on the road to living again.


After Thursday’s experience at the ENT, I didn’t feel much different. I still took the narcotic pain meds, I still had the weird ear sensitivity, and I generally felt pretty week.  I was able to eat a little on Saturday morning, though, so I thought that was a good sign.  After napping that afternoon, though, I felt worse again and couldn’t eat.  I took more pain medicine late Saturday night to help me sleep, but it became apparent throughout the night that the reason I couldn’t sleep was because I was choking on something (I thought it was the abscess, turns out it was my uvula being displaced by the abscess).  So I sat in the living room until 7am when Husband woke up and told him we were going back to the emergency room.  Thankfully I have such good friends here, because I had to call one of them at 7:15 to come over and watch the kids!  We spent all day (of course) at the ER, where they just ended up draining it again, this time with much more success.  Today I can talk, sort of eat (it’s been a week!), and I haven’t needed any pain meds.




2 responses to “My Health Update, Spared The Gory Details

  1. I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better!

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