Menu Plan Monday: The Happy I’m Alive Version

Well, I ended up  making another trip to the emergency room yesterday, but I think I’m finally feeling better. It’s been a week since I’ve had much else besides broth to eat, though, so it will probably take a few days for me to get in my groove.  I still haven’t done Christmas cards, and Dresden’s birthday is this week, so I have a lot of catching up to do!


Monday: Beef roast with carrots, cabbage, turnips, and any other vegetable I have on hand that’s on the verge of going bad.


Tuesday: Carnitas burritos with pinto beans and rice


Wednesday:  Leftovers — because we’re celebrating Dresden’s birthday after dinner


Thursday: Chicken salad sandwiches, sweet potato fries


Friday: Make-your-own pizza


Saturday: Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread


Sunday: Leftovers/DIY


I’m going to try to get back into doing my recipe/meal summaries this week to include the recipes, but I still have a bunch of food to deal with that I didn’t get to last week.  For instance, I need to dry half a bushel of apples and cook and freeze ten pounds of sweet potatoes.  So it should be a fun recovery week!


For more menu plan ideas, visit


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