Menu Plan Monday: December 8, 2008

Not too exciting this week; we’re trying to eat what we have on hand to save some money for Christmas!  (That’s right — we’re not cool enough to put money aside throughout the year.)  Lots of dairy-optional, meat-optional, as usual!


Monday:  leftovers/DIY


Tuesday: Pinto bean and rice burritos, spicy carrots


Wednesday: Turkey Pumpkin Chili, cornbread


Thursday: Ahi steaks, millet, sauteed green beans


Friday: Make-your-own pizza


Saturday: Burgers and root vegetable fries


Sunday:  Turkey, amaranth, and pomegranate soup


Next week, I’m going to eliminate gluten from my daughter’s meals to see if that is part of her bathroom issue.  So I’ve got a lot of research to do between now and then! 


For more menu plans, visit Organizing Junkie.


3 responses to “Menu Plan Monday: December 8, 2008

  1. We weren’t cool people either putting money aside for Christmas. Your not alone. Your menu looks great.

  2. I’m sad that you didn’t have a meal in honor of my bday. Sniff.

  3. You’ll notice I made the Turkey Pumpkin Chili — so does that count?

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