Call for Recipes: Breakfast Casseroles

This probably seems like an odd request, but I’m writing an article (for my real job) about breakfast casseroles, so I’m looking for recipes.  I don’t ever make anything like this, since the essential ingredients are usually things my family dislikes or is allergic to, such as eggs and cheese.  So please send me your favorite breakfast casserole or quiche recipes, and if I try it and like it, I’ll credit you (or your Grandma, or whomever) in my article.  I love eggs and cheese, but if you do happen to have an egg-free or dairy-free recipe, send it along!




One response to “Call for Recipes: Breakfast Casseroles

  1. Here is a link to my breakfast casserole recipe, it has eggs, bacon, cheese, broccoli. All the good stuff.

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