I haven’t written much this week amid the Thanksgiving week chaos, but since that’s all behind us now, it’s time to reflect.  So here’s what we had:


Turkey (from Trader Joe’s — should’ve ordered local months ago, because they sell out quickly!)

Stuffing (one in the bird, another made separately)

Mashed potatoes


Roasted sweet potatoes (sort of like candied yams, but dairy-free and not out of a can)

Roasted Brussels sprouts with olive oil and sea salt

Green bean casserole (the old-school kind using cream of mushroom soup and fried onions)

Corn casserole (a friend’s specialty — it was really good!)

Macaroni salad (in memory of my late Grandma Cullison)

Cranberry sauce with nuts and oranges

Rolls and sweet potato biscuits

Pumpkin pies and a blueberry pie (a friend made this with local berries from our summer picking)


I’m probably forgetting something, but it was lots of fun.  The best part: we usually keep our thermostat at 62, but the oven heated the house up so much that it’s still at 70 degrees (and we turned all the ovens off six hours ago).

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