The Day After

I’m not the type to wake up early on Black Friday, haphazardly wielding plastic all up and down town.  In fact, I’m not really much of a shopper at all, save garage sales and farmers markets.  I guess I like to know the person I’m transacting with, even if that relationship is little more than eye contact and a few sentences back and forth about the good for sale.  By the time afternoon rolled around, however, I had an odd urge to leave home and go shopping.  Not mall shopping, but just some time to hit up some thrift stores and a used book store.  So I didn’t exactly BUY NOTHING — Husband came home with a used copy of Faulkner’s The Hamlet (he needs it for his Faulkner class next semester, Superchunk got a box of diapers from Costco (because I stupidly left the house without any), and my friend T and I got some vegan chocolate chips and Earth Balance to make cookies that my daughter could eat.  And maybe we could have a few, too.


For dinner, we made a Guinness Stew using whatever we could find.  The Guinness had been in our refrigerator for a long time, so it seemed like a good way to use it, since it was well past the expiration date.  I’ll post pictures and a recipe later, since they’re on T’s camera.

One response to “The Day After

  1. Wow, I’m totally the opposite. I can’t even analog shop anymore. I don’t go to malls because I hate them, but even when I’m in a store I like, I look at their meager shoe offerings and I think, “Is this it? I can get more of a variety on”.

    Online shopping has completely removed any desire to shop in a store.

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