Favorite Destinations: November 21, 2008

I’m very tired from many days of crankiness from the 11-month old.  Is the milk I’m drinking affecting him?  I hope not.  I’ll probably have to end that soon anyway, though.  So here two things I enjoyed in my limited free time this week:


Properly Prepared Grains at Kelly the Kitchen Kop — very informative!


Soup Parties at the Nourished Kitchen — I totally want to try this!


Not a long list, but it’s been a crazy week.  Let’s pray for some cooperation from the littles tomorrow so I can actually get something done.

One response to “Favorite Destinations: November 21, 2008

  1. The soup party is slightly reminiscent of my Army friends’ dining out, where they have a “grog bowl” – each class brings something to put into a bowl to make a “juice”. Tabasco, prune juice, etc, you name it. The more disgusting, the better. They call each other out on mistakes, and those who get called out have to drink from the grog.

    I’m sure though, that your soup party would be way tastier and not as foul.


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