An Impromptu Evening Out in the ATL

I totally forgot (until Husband reminded me yesterday) that we were going to the High Museum tonight.  They have a special Educators’ Evening every so often where teachers plus one guest get in for free.  Since the kids are also free on account of their young age, all we had to pay for was gas and a quick dinner beforehand.  So my menus will be off a day.


This was our second time visiting the High, and we only spent an hour there.  D really like the Terracotta Army exhibit, but she got tired of walking around soon after.  Husband and I were really into the Medieval and Renaissance Treasures — they had one of Da Vinci’s sketchbooks on display, how freaking awesome is that? — and they’re going to have a whole Da Vinci sculpture exhibition next year.


Afterwards, we headed over to the Barnes & Noble in Buckhead to see if we could catch John Hodgman.  Yes, you do know who this is — he’s the round-faced, bespectacled guy who plays the PC in those Macintosh commercials.  We only caught the last ten minutes or so, but it was worth it.  I won’t share the highlights here, but I’ll tell you in person if you ask.


The best part of the evening: the kids went right to bed when we got home!  Too bad we can’t go out every night.


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