Blustery Fall Days

Why I enjoy living in Georgia:


1)  The seasons actually change.  I don’t remember the range of colors on the falling leaves being as brilliant during my 25 years growing up in California. 


2)  I’ve met some AMAZING people here who have inspired me in many areas of my life.


Hmm…I was hoping this list would be more impressive.  It means a lot to have great friends, though!


I’ve been really busy in the kitchen the last few days.  I finally got around to preparing the chicken I ordered from a local farm — it was (humanely) slaughtered on Friday, so I roasted it for Sunday dinner and made some mashed potatoes, gravy, and sauteed green beans.  I forgot to take a picture of the entire chicken, but here is what Husband’s plate looked like:




Not a very colorful picture, but there were some carrots, too, that were roasted inside the chicken.  It effortlessly fell off the bone, but next time I’m going to try for a crispier skin. 


This was my first time roasting chicken, so it was a strange experience for me.  (Being a vegetarian for a large part of my life, I’m still learning how to prepare meat.)  The hardest part was the initial washing of the bird: the uncooked, whole chicken felt like a newborn baby, that flaccidity with bones inside.  I’m no longer uncomfortable with eating meat, however, as long as it’s raised humanely and sustainably.  Michael Pollan talks about a contract between animals and their keepers, and how factory farms violate that sacred pact, so as long as I know exactly where it comes from (in this case, from a farm five miles down the road), I feel better about it.  As weird as it was to handle that chicken, I think that visceral connection to my food is better than buying some anonymous, plastic-wrapped chicken breast at the store.  This is not to say we don’t buy the stuff at the store, but we’re trying to move away from that.  Baby steps!


Another thing I don’t like about buying grocery store chicken is that I feel bad knowing I’m only eating parts of a once living creature.   I have many meals’ worth of leftover chicken, so I will use some tonight in my enchiladas and freeze the rest.  I will also make a nourishing bone broth later today with the bones, connective tissues, and other inedible pieces that I can store for later use.


I ended up making spaghetti last night, so tonight I will make the enchiladas — chicken for Husband, bean and potato (leftover from Sunday night’s dinner) for the rest of us, with cheese optional.  I also made a pot of pinto beans (for the enchiladas and for lunches this week) seasoned with cumin, salt, and pepper, some chocolate chip cookies, and a batch of sandwich bread.  This might not sound like a big deal, but finding the time in between dealing with children is a bit of a challenge. 


Oh, and did I mention that I haven’t yet started buying food for the Thanksgiving dinner I’m hosting?


3 responses to “Blustery Fall Days

  1. Um. you have (had) great friends in Cali too. And just as inspiring. I know you miss Cali…

  2. I do…isn’t it obvious? I’m looking for reasons to be content! And I miss you so much!

  3. Looking for reasons to be content is wonderful. Thanksgiving is so so soon and I’m excited for you! It’s about 80 degrees in November here in California and we miss you.

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