White Chili on Just Another Manic Monday

So much didn’t get done today (what’s new around here?), but at least dinner turned out well.  Even if I didn’t have time to make the cornbread.  Which I somehow haven’t had time to do for about a week now.  But enough about my busy life…here’s how I pulled off dinner:


Having never made a White Chili, I found one at All Recipes that seemed like the one I’ve had before.  I halved the recipe, substituted dried beans, and only used one small chicken breast.  Then I proceeded like this:


1) Sauteed the diced onion, garlic, green chiles, and seasonings (which, by the way, I added way more of — maybe double the amount) until tender, then added the chicken breast (which I cubed), plus some salt and pepper, and cooked until no longer pink. 


2) Next, I added a whole box of chicken stock, brought it to a boil, then added the beans.  Normally I cook beans by themselves before adding anything else to them, but I just threw them in and let the whole thing cook for almost three hours, when the beans were tender enough to eat.  I finished it off by pureeing some of it in the pot with my stick blender (to add some creaminess), and that was it!  We didn’t even add the cheese, and it was flavorful and hardy. 


Just some notes for my vegan friends:


– This chili would have been JUST AS GOOD without the chicken, since I used so little chicken you could barely detect it anyway.


– Cheese is totally unnecessary — there’s enough “creaminess” from the beans.


Next time, I’ll probably completely omit the chicken (better for the budget!) and add more green chiles.  I tried to gussy it up with some colorful radishes and a bay leaf for the picture, but the combination of my dying camera and lack of photography skills still makes it look pretty bland:




The lighting is my fault, but the fuzziness isn’t.  I should have a new camera by the end of the month, though.


9 responses to “White Chili on Just Another Manic Monday

  1. Just another Manic Monday…man, you should’ve been at my 80’s party!

    I’m glad that you’re back to amazing recipes! Did you have any sort of bread with it? Corn bread is my favorite! =)

  2. We just ate some of my homemade ww bread, but I’m going to make the cornbread tonight with the black bean soup.

    **Fingers crossed.**

  3. I wish we were neighbors! Just wanted to throw that out there =)

    Also, I work at Bed Bath and Beyond and the other day I was wondering what the benefit of a stick blender is. Any and all feedback would be appreciated, as I’m supposed to know features of all culinary and cookware products.

  4. I would’ve never paid for a stick blender, but my mom had one she didn’t use that she gave to me.

    The key benefit I can see is that you can blend things while they are cooking on the stove (instead of transferring to a blender, which can get really messy) and it is a lot easier to use than the old-fashioned hand mixers (easier to clean anyway, and less assembly — I can never find the two correct attachments when I need them).

    Funny that you ask my opinion on kitchen equipment…I’ve had this idea in my head for awhile about writing a piece on the stuff I wish I’d registered for that nobody suggested to me (and conversely, the stuff that I asked for and received that is totally useless). Maybe I’ll do it soon…

  5. I just realized that I never really did take a stand on whether they’re good/useful…on second thought, I think I would pay money for one. I have pre-stick blender memories of transferring pea soup to the blender and having it explode all over the place because putting hot things in the blender is a bad idea. I have so much more to say about what I think the best blending equipment is, though, so I really should just write it up…

  6. You definitely should write that up!

    We have people registering at our store all the time (I’m hoping to become trained to be a wedding consultant with BBB, so I can help out people like you!)

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