Plastic Bag Love/Hate

I hate many things about those plastic bags most retail outlets still give away with any purchase — I even hate the way they smell, which is something I didn’t notice until I became pregnant with my first child (the Target bags are particularly nauseating).  There are two things, however, that I still use them for on a daily basis: lining the bathroom trash cans and diaper disposal.  With the bags declining in supply (and the myriad reasons to not replenish them), I’ve got to come up with solutions.


I’ve gone back and forth with not lining the trash cans, but there are just so many gross things that end up in there — this is a direct reference to my daughter’s bathroom issues.  I can flush the, er, biomass, but I end up using a bunch of wipes to clean up the messes.  I’m sincerely praying that this is a temporary situation, because I am so sick of cleaning up toddler poop 4-6 times per day!  This is a crisis of sanitation AND of sanity.  Until this gets worked out, I won’t be too eager to ditch disposable diapers or wipes, either.


That said, I have actually managed to not use the plastic bags to line the trash cans this week.  But I still use them for the soiled diapers and wipes.  It’s all about baby steps, I guess!


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