Vegetarian Chocolate Chili: A Total Bust

Wow, what a week it’s been — two recipes have been complete duds!  My palate must have gone on an impromptu vacation when I was doing the last week’s menu planning, so next week’s will be a lot more tame. 


The first failure was the Toasted Lentil Salad I attempted on Tuesday (which sounded good to other people I talked with, so I thought for sure it would come together), and tonight, the Vegetarian Chocolate Chili.  Other than halving it, I made it exactly to recipe, but it came out gritty and tasteless.  THANKFULLY, I halved it, because it was so bad we threw it away, which I NEVER do.  Husband joked that he was going to open up a can of Hormel chili for dinner to get the taste out of his mouth, then wondered if meat would’ve made it better but hastily recanted that statement because “it would’ve been a waste of meat.”  Nobody could’ve argued with any of those statements.


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