Not A Good Way To Start The Week…

Today was a big letdown all around — I still haven’t gotten to the grocery store (waiting for Husband to get home from school!) so I couldn’t make Orange Chicken for dinner, my daughter’s allergy/bathroom issues continue to be unresolved, and I have piles of dirty laundry and toys strewn all about the main floor of my house. 


It wouldn’t be so bad, but now Halloween is almost here, and I have yet to put the finishing touches on the kids’ costumes and buy candy.  My daughter is going to be Cinderella (as soon as I sew up the gaping hole on one of the sleeves — yard sale find!) and my son is going to be a dalmation (which, by the way, is a little too cutesy for me, but again, for $4 at a consignment sale, I can swallow my pride).  Because I’m a cheapskate, we’ve never passed out candy, but Husband says we’re going to this year.  We’ll see. 


On the brighter side of things, I did have a friend come over and till up hundreds of square feet in my backyard in anticipation of gardening in the spring.  Hopefully it won’t be too late to get the winter cover crop planted, then I’ll have naturally organic soil come March.


Well, I guess now that Husband is finally home, I can finally go to the grocery store.  I have a busy week ahead!

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