Favorite Destinations This Week

The kids are napping, and I’m getting ready for an evening out with Husband.  More importantly, I have the night off from cooking.  Enjoy reading my favorite things from this last week, and have a relaxing weekend!


Make Your Own Seasonings: 7 Unique Recipes at Simple Mom — awesome?


No-Peel Apple Options at Frugal Granola — I need to buy my apples soon! Too yummy!


White Chocolate Raspberry Jam with Coffee Liqueur at Mother Earth News — my mouth is watering just thinking about this!  Too bad I don’t have a canner.  Maybe next year!


New Sushi Selector: What’s Good, What’s Not at Sustainablog — the EDF has issued a new guide for choosing your sushi sustainably.


How to Give Up Soda at The Green Parent — my husband is the one with the addiction, and I’m not so sure this would work for him.  But maybe for you?


One response to “Favorite Destinations This Week

  1. When I read your recipes, I’m shocked that your husband actually eats them. They sound so healthy and dare I say, Vegetarian. Jason won’t go near soy because supposedly soy isn’t good for men, and he complains if I make a meal without the benefit of meat. That article on soda was fabulous.

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