More Fall Food: Turkey and Pumpkin Chili


Who doesn’t love fall?  And what a better food to celebrate the season and warm up with than a chili made with pumpkin and ground turkey?!  My good friend Cherie in the Bay area turned me on to this, so here’s a big thank you for the tip!  Enough with the exclamation points now.


She warned me that it needed lots of seasoning (because hers came out kind of bland), but I made sure to add all the spices when I sauteed the onions, etc., since that’s when I usually add spices to other dishes.  I didn’t add as much jalapeno as it called for, either, because I wanted my kids to eat it, but the little bit I tasted in the chili indicated that two whole jalapenos would have really complemented the sweetness.  My husband added some pepperjack cheese to his, which he said rounded it out very nicely.  The only other substitution was coconut oil in place of olive oil, which worked well and didn’t add any distinctly coconuty flavor.


The recipe says it makes six servings, but my husband and I finished most of it off. My daughter only ate a little bit, and I had enough left over for a lunch-sized portion tomorrow.  We did eat two bowls each, though, so I guess that comes out to the full six servings. 🙂  I also ate two pieces of my bread with it, but that was all part of a strategy to eat a smaller amount of chocolate cake at my friend’s birthday party later in the evening.


Next week, I’m going to try a recipe another friend sent me for Vegetarian Chili with Chocolate.  Did I mention that I love chocolate?


3 responses to “More Fall Food: Turkey and Pumpkin Chili

  1. I’m surprised you are actually using the coconut oil. (P.S. I’m listening to Pete Segar (89) leading the audience of of Letterman in a rousing rendition of a folk song about dr. King that I can definately picture a crowd of muppets singing on Sesame St. Yes, it is 12:38 and my life IS sad. ) (( Now I’m no longer considered lurking and i’ve satisfied any need for a blog I had before.))

  2. Should I not be using my real name?

  3. You know, I’ve been desiring to make that chili again. Or at least cook with pumpkin again. I liked the creaminess of the pumpkin. Your chili looks like mine did, but sounds like it tasted much better!

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