Food Storage and My Overactive Imagination

The much-awaited Nutrimill and Bosch mixer arrived last Friday, so a good friend and I made our first batch (four loaves) of bread on Saturday with freshly milled flour.  Our giddiness at the sight of the grain mill turning wheat berries into flour is almost too embarrasing to admit — I’m pretty sure we jumped up and down with silly grins on our faces at the sight of our first milled wheat.  We got a little nervous once we started adding the flour into the mixer for kneading, but we still ended up with a pretty good first batch of bread.


So now that we know we can do this, there is the issue of buying and storing a large quantity of wheat berries.  It’s not so hard to find a place to store one 6-gallon bucket, but already I’m dreaming about buying MANY 6-gallon buckets of various grains — oats (mainly for breakfast, not bread-making), quinoa, amaranth, etc.  I guess I really won’t have to worry about finding a place for all of these things for a while, since each bucket is at least half of my grocery budget for a week, but I still want to plan space for it in my kitchen.  My small pantry is already bursting at the seams, and I have a lot of open space in my kitchen, but perhaps there is another place in my house that would be good for food storage.  For now, I need to get the image of my kitchen looking like an 1800s mercantile out of my head.

One response to “Food Storage and My Overactive Imagination

  1. I made a recipe with wheat berries a few weeks ago. It took 2 hours to cook! But they were good and majorly healthy. Jason liked them too. Post pictures of the process of milling flour, well wait til I send the camera…

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