Honey, Please… (and TMI alert)

I’ve been sick with some weird throaty, fluey (I’m sure I just made up that word) thing since Saturday night.  The only thing that makes it feel better is a spoonful of raw wildflower honey that was made about ten miles down the road.  So hopefully I feel better and can write something worth reading tomorrow.


Until then, pray for my daughter’s allergy situation.  We’re starting to suspect that she is allergic to something in addition to dairy — maybe soy?  We’re really hoping it’s not gluten, but when I went shopping earlier, I made it a point to check labels for all three of those things.  It’s just not normal for a little girl who is two months shy of three years old to poop 4-6 times a day (sometimes more!) in such sudden, small spurts and for it to smell so horribly.  I promised myself that I would quit blogging about poop, but it does take up such a large part of my day!  So I am putting her on an elimination diet as we speak. 


If anyone has advice about sniffing out a food allergy, let me know.  Her dairy allergy was so obvious (she gets weezy and hivey with exposure), but this is not the case with this new one: the food simply does not agree with her.  I’m hoping it’s not something more.


2 responses to “Honey, Please… (and TMI alert)

  1. I’ll definitely pray for your daughter’s allergy situation. I can’t even imagine going through something like that.

    Paula, one of the members of a forum I belong to, has a son who has a lot of food allergies and she has a blog specifically about their experiences. Hopefully it’s nothing as serious as this little boy has but the blog might provide some insight into your daughter’s situation.


  2. I checked out her blog — thanks so much! She talks about how overdoing the foods her son was able to eat caused allergy/intolerance later (well, she talks specifically about rice), which makes me wonder if we’ve just overdone soy for too long. Today was a little better bathroom-wise for my daughter, and she’s been off soy milk (but not strictly off soy otherwise) for about a week, so hopefully things are looking up!

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