Not Another Debate!

No, I’m not going to go on a political rant about how much I love or hate one of the candidates…the fact is, I’m not really thrilled by EITHER of them.  Don’t get me wrong — neither of them seem like bad people.  I said a few years ago (during the 2004 election) that I would consider voting for McCain if he ever ran, and I think Obama’s ideas would bring some much-needed freshness to the DC table.  But the fact remains that NEITHER candidate is properly addressing the issues that are at the forefront in my life. 


So what concerns would I most like to see addressed?  Well, there are only three:


1) Ending Dependence on Fossil Fuels

I’m probably alone in this thought, but I think that increased domestic drilling is important while we’re simultaneously researching and developing alternative energy sources.  I’m against the use of biofuels such as ethanol because I don’t think that growing inedible commodity corn to power SUV’s that get ten miles to the gallon is the best use of our precious farmland.  Instead, we need to expand things like solar and wind technology and make them affordable alternatives to fossil fuels. 


2) The Food Problem

I want to hear a candidate speak openly about the excessive subsidization of corn and how it has wrecked the national health and the national economy.  I want government regulations to stop rewarding dangerous monocultural farming, which creates it’s own mess of problems like pollution, the “need” for genetic modification of plants, and (less directly) the use of antibiotics in food animals.   Which leads me to…


3) The Health Care Problem


Part of our health care crisis is that we really are a bunch of sick people — we eat a diet high in processed foods, rarely exercise, and expose ourselves to toxic chemicals in a variety of situations.  As much as I adore socialized health care in other developed nations, I think our government would bungle it up too much to make it a feasible option.  Perhaps a reform in food and farm policy would trickle down to our general well-being, that way we wouldn’t need large reforms in the health care sector.  I believe the insurance companies need more checks and balances in their claims reviews, but I don’t really understand it well enough to give details.


They always seem to talk about the same stuff at these debates; is there any chance I’ll get a pleasant surprise?


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