A “Real” Thanksgiving

I’m all-at-once really excited and really freaked out about Thanksgiving.  Excited because my best friend gets to visit and we’re going to do all the cooking ourselves, but freaked out because WE’RE GOING TO DO ALL THE COOKING OURSELVES.  So go ahead and laugh at me — the woman in her late 20s who’s always telling people how much she loves cooking — because I’m freaked out about roasting a large turkey and preparing the myriad requisite sides.  I’m sure it will be okay and we’ll totally rock this thing — but I’m a doubter and a pessimist, so (here it comes again!): we’ll see.


We want to do this in a completely traditional way, meaning just like our mommies have always done it.  So along with roasting a turkey, we’ll make stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, candied sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, corn casserole, my late grandma Jean’s special macaroni salad, several pumpkin pies, and a bunch of rolls.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten something here, but I’m sure my husband or best friend will remind me.


We’re also up for inviting anybody and everybody who doesn’t have somewhere else to go for the day, since that was also a tradition at my parents’ house.  So if I know you and haven’t formally invited you…here’s your invitation!  Just let me know if you want to bring something, because that’s less work for me.


There are some local farms who practice responsible animal husbandry, so I’m going to check around for availability on a turkey.  Hopefully they’re not all spoken for already, since I do tend to procrastinate.


3 responses to “A “Real” Thanksgiving

  1. Hi Stacey!

    I’m excited that you’re blogging too! I know I’m not nearly interesting enough to keep up a blog, but I’ll pretend anyways.
    I love your recipes link…I might steal that from you. Perhaps we can do some recipe exchanges – that would be delightful!

    After thoroughly researching plane fares and trying to convince a few former classmates to join me for a dinner at the Jollys, I must decline your invitation =( Did you hear that? That was the sound of my heart breaking. But let me know when you come back to the land flowing with in-n-out and 75 degree weather and we’ll remedy that.

    In the meantime, blog on =)

  2. Yes! More recipes, must exchange recipes!

    And it’s okay…I’m not nearly interesting enough to keep up a blog, either…


  3. Don’t worry, I had my own turkey dinner that I cooked with that lesbian chick who so wanted me in buffalo. Remember her? Anyhow, it was not that bad. Though I think we cheated, because we used a reynolds bag or something like that and rubbed seasonings on it. I even put my hand down that cavernous neck area.

    I’m sad that I can’t join you guys but my monetary situation is in need of attention. The good news is that I will be debt free very soon!

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