It’s Going To Be A Cold Winter!


Crunchy Chicken is hosting their annual Freeze Yer Buns Challenge, inviting people to lower their thermostats this winter even lower than they usual keep them.  I normally keep ours at 62, but I’ve pledged to drop it a degree or two.  That’s easy to say now, however, since it’s currently 76 in my house with NO heat or AC running!  Gotta love the Southeast.


3 responses to “It’s Going To Be A Cold Winter!

  1. I’m pledging 81 day/85 night. At my alternate house in Shropshire.

  2. Honey please. I declared war on my gas company last November because my bill was outrageous. I leave my heater off all the time and just use blankets.

    P.S. I also did this Buffalo, if you decided you were going to scoff at being “Cali cold”.

    I did use space heaters on occasion though.

  3. Let me refer you to comment #1, above — Mr. Poopypants.

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