The Raw and the Cooked

Something I’ve been thinking about for awhile is the crudités course — which, simply put, is a serving of raw foods before the official meal begins.  When I was reading through Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious a few weeks ago, she mentions that she uses a crudités course at the beginning of dinner so the kids eat their veggies when they’re most hungry (instead, as most kids are apt, to fill up on carbs).  My daughter actually prefers raw vegetables over carbs, so this approach was actually more for myself, since lately I haven’t thought as much about eating vegetables as I used to. 


I actually bought a six-pack of orange, yellow, and red bell peppers at Costco last weekend expressly for this purpose, since everyone loves them in my house.  You can see this worked out pretty well with Sunday night’s dinner:






I’m not sure where I stand in the raw vs. cooked foods debate…I guess I think they’re both important (i.e. a diet of strictly one or the other isn’t good).  A macrobiotic diet sounds totally boring to me, but eating lots of raw fruits and veggies in conjunction with warm proteins and grains (since the body digests warm/room temperature foods better than very hot or cold foods) is what I go for.


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