A Visit to the ATL

Today I (along with the kids and another family) went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden — for free!  Apparently, the first weekend of each month (through April 2009) is Bank of America’s Museums on Us, where anyone with a Bank of America debit or credit card gets into certain museums all over the US for free.  It’s one free admission per cardholder, so any additional, non-cardholding adults and any children over 3 would have to pay the full price. But it’s still a great deal!



Neither of these pictures we’re taken by me; incidentally, all of the pictures I took sucked.


Next, we went to IKEA.  This was free for me, too, because I had a gift card.  I bought a pair of kitchen scissors, a pack of bibs, and some safety scissors for the kids.


Lastly, we ate dinner at Chick-Fil-A, which wasn’t free, but will end up being discounted 50%.  That’s because they had a deal today where if you saved your receipt from today, you could come back anytime between October 6 and October 31 and receive everything on that receipt for free.  Since I packed a lunch for the Botanical Garden, I ended up only spending about $12 today!


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