Daily Bread

All of this economic doom-saying is freaking me out, I guess, because I got really depressed today over such a silly thing: that I don’t REALLY know how to bake bread!


Even when I make bread, I use a bread maker, which may be part of the problem.  I’m starting to think I need to make a go of it without the bread maker, or at least just use it for kneading.  The Italian bread comes out nicely when I use the bread machine’s knead cycle (then bake in the oven), so maybe that’s what I need to do with my sandwich loaves.


All I know is, I don’t want to turn 30 and not know how to bake a basic loaf of bread.

2 responses to “Daily Bread

  1. What’s wrong with using a bread maker?

    P.S. Honey, get yourself a better camera, those pics are fuzzy!

  2. YES, I do need a better camera…looks like I’ve got to figure out how to come up with the cash for an SLR. Let’s just add that to the other two big items on my Christmas list, and that makes about $1000 for the 3 items I feel like I can’t live without. If my writing/administrative work doesn’t end in the next month or two, I may be able to use the camera as a write-off.

    As far as the bread machine question goes, it’s a long answer…perhaps it will be addressed soon in a post dedicated to just that.

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